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Electric Vehicle Charging 

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With an ever changing world, and advances in technology, the electric car is well and truly upon us! With Governments committed to cutting emissions, and taxing us for producing them, it is clear to see that most people are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint. As such, Electric Vehicle sales are increasing.


The demand for charging points, in the UK, is already highlighting the lack of infrastructure. In response, the Government is injecting £Billions into upgrading it and offering grants to those choosing to go EV. 


Most EV's come with a "Granny Lead". A charging cable with a 13A plug top on the end. They work, but for most they are woefully inadequate, with lengthy charge times, and can be inconvenient. Having cables, or extension leads, hanging out of a window is neither recommended nor safe, especially in the rain.

There is another way.... 


With a dedicated smart charger installed, you can be sure that you and your family, are safe when the car is charging. With a Smart charger, you can control and monitor the charging of the car 24/7.

If you already have an Electric Vehicle, or you're in the market for one, we can help. We can carry out a full site survey and advise you as to the best way forward with your installation.  

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